Deaf and HOH Inclusivity Job Aid

Tools: Canva

Time: 3 hours

Client: Professional Development

Target Audience: employers who have recently hired or are looking into hiring an employee who is deaf or hard of hearing

Collaborators: Paul Quail (American Sign Language SME)


In 2015, the National Bureau of Economic research found that American employers were 34% less likely to hire the deaf or hard-of-hearing, despite the fact that it is illegal to discriminate against these individuals. However, we are committed to creating an inclusive and productive environment for all employees. This job aid will help encourage recruiters to not shy away from connecting with deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants, but to feel comfortable and excited to collaborate and help develop a diverse workplace for their companies.


With this project, we will help overcome the challenge and the fact that deaf and hard-of-hearing potential employees find it 34% less likely to receive a job offer over similarly-qualified candidates by demonstrating the advantages of hiring HOH employees.


A short job aid to remind recruiters or hiring teams on how hiring the dear and hard-of-hearing can be beneficial to the company. We will overcome any workplace discrimination against HOH employees that would otherwise arise through this job aid.


An accessible job aid to be used as a helpful reminder to give all candidates, with or without disability, an equal opportunity when selecting candidates for an open position.