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Title: How to Check the Oil

Tools: Google Slides, Canva, Google Doc, Audacity

Time: 32 hours total

Client: Professional Development

Target Audience: The young and new drivers, children to paying customers of Headlight Insurance.


A car insurance company is attempting to market towards parents who have new, teenage drivers. The client would like to develop a stronger focus on easy car maintenance to promote safety to new drivers.


Create a visual, written, and audio tutorial on how to check your car's oil and why it is important to do so. Some key features include an infographic on the importance of this task and what parts of the car it can benefit, when is the best time to check the oil, tools needed for the task, and a simple breakdown of the steps into 4 bite size steps.


This course will increase efficiently in new drivers ability to check their car's oil using an accessible 4 step process and will reduce the amount of avoidable car maintenance repairs for policy holders.